Can I use beacon technology to mark attendance

Using mobile phones and Eddystone can I create a attendance system to a university. What is the best solution to do so.I have a idea about that eddystone can trigger to app and then app send notification to a server itself with student unique id that provided from installation system.Is that workable. ? .

So the use case is something like this:

  1. The student downloads the app and logs in as himself/herself.
  2. Then, whenever a student comes in range of a beacon (e.g., in a classroom), the app sends an information to a server that the student was detected in the room.

Yup, that’s perfectly doable with beacons!

On iOS, I’d recommend iBeacon rather than Eddystone though, as iBeacon has better iOS support for background detection. If you’re focusing solely on Android, you could use Eddystone instead, although our Android SDK’s support for background Eddystone detection is also preliminary. Plus, we have a comprehensive iBeacon tutorial, but not an Eddystone tutorial, so iBeacon might also be easier to start with:

thank you very much your advice.
which type of beacon suitable for my project?

location beacon
proximity beacon?