Attendance application system using beacons


I am new here and first time using Bluetooth beacons.

I have an idea I want a create a project for. I want to know I am thinking about it in the right way.
First off I want to build an attendance tracking system, a web application to monitor data and mobile application for the user. So web application is for the teacher and the mobile application is for the student.

So for the web application, it would be in place to create users view stats and if course creates timetables for students.

Mobile Application - running an application when the phone is in the proximity the beacons registers the attendance and shows basic attendance stats for students.

My plan was to host the DB on AWS using mySQL and a create a Rest API for the mobile and web app to fetch and post data from the DB.

Am I thinking in the right way in creating this application?

Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Seems like youre on the right track. Im working on a similar project(an event attendance/interaction system). Let me know how it goes

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