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Hi everyone,

Thank you for the amazing technology and support.

I have estimote stickers and I want to implement attendance system using IOS or Android.

What do I need to achieve the following use case?
What type of estimote? what SDK?

|Use Case|
I found the following use case apparently working well:
Team: Lars (Guanglun Wu, Jonny Driscoll, Michael Loistl, Sean MacEntee)
Idea: The Lecture Attendance Record System is intended to track student attendance within an education environment. This saves time for the teacher, avoids students gaming the system (signing in for someone who isn’t there), and produces accurate real-time information (arrival, stay duration, etc). The students have an app running on their phones, which detects a beacon as they enter the lecture theatre and communicates this to a back-end. Once in attendance, the correct lecture notes can be sent to the student. The team identified an alternate use case for trade shows, where a sticker is attached to each attendees lanyard, allowing stands to automatically detect who they are talking to, dwell time, repeat visits, etc

Source: - See more at: http://transformuk.com/what-can-you-do-with-estimote-beacon-stickers-quite-a-lot-really/#sthash.5Cqj5aX1.dpuf

You’ll need a Location Beacon per region that you want to monitor.

  1. Range. The range of Beacons are much higher than Stickers.

  2. Multipacket advertising. Students use a mix of Android/iOS devices so in an average education environment it will be wise to cater to both devices. Proximity Beacons can’t do this, unfortunately.

You will need Xcode (for iOS) and Android Studio (for Android) to build your apps.

As for the SDKs, you will need to download the iOS SDK from here. For Android, you can just declare the SDK dependency into the build.gradle script, as detailed here.



@chaychoong has pretty much covered it all (:

One thing I’d add: you can likely use either Location Beacons ($99 per dev kit) or Proximity Beacons ($59 per dev kit). Yes, Proximity Beacons can only broadcast one packet at a time, but that packet can be detect by both the Estimote iOS SDK and Estimote Android SDK, so your app would work with both iOS and Android devices just fine.

If in doubt, you can check out this page to learn about the most important differences between Location Beacons and Proximity Beacons:

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I had bought the stickers. After knowing the problem with incompatibility with indoor location sdk for stickers I ordered proximity. Now you say that. I should cancel my order and order the locaion beacon instead.

I wish the broadcasting is not an issue with Proximity Beacons. Thank you. This is reassuring.

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I can help you do this with Raspberry Pi’s if you set a Pi’s at the entrance, I can have it feed when the beacon enters the area and when it leaves the area effectively making you know when students enter and leave the building, this can then feed a web server where I can then generate reports for you on a number of different data patterns…

Contact me at morfordtim@gmail.com


I wanted to use the beacon as the I’d card itself.why can’t we use the beacons as ID cards and use android phones to simply detect and populate attendance?

Who said you can’t? (: