Android App using Estimote Beacons and Estimote Cloud

I am creating an android app using estimote beacons and estimote clould. From github I downloaded code with sdk, where I found an application class as following :-

public class DemosApplication extends Application {

public void onCreate() {

// Initializes Estimote SDK with your App ID and App Token from Estimote Cloud.
// You can find your App ID and App Token in the
// Apps section of the Estimote Cloud (

EstimoteSDK.initialize(this, “YOUR APP ID”, “YOUR APP TOKEN”);

// Configure verbose debug logging.


But in ADD APP section on estimote cloud when I selected type as MOBILE then in language there are only two options OBJECTIVE-C and SWIFT. There was no option for android .So kindly guide me to get APP ID and APP TOKEN for android app ?

@Anagha_Magar Please select existing mobile app and app id/app token will be generated.

But it will be for ios ? Can I use same app id/app token generated for an ios app as well as android app??


Generated app id/app token do not depend on platform. This is hiccup on our part with UI. No worries here.

Oh ! ok. Thankyou!!!

How to generate app id /app token in android ?