Estimote Android App not connecting with Estimote Proximity Beacon

I am using Estimote App on my android phone(Moto G5 Plus), to connect with Estimote Proximity Beacon, BUT IT IS NOT CONNECTING with my phone. The Estimote app is NOT EVEN SHOWING OR DETECTING the beacon !

While the same beacon is showing and getting connected with my iPhone Estimote App !

Estimote Android App Version is 2.14.2
Android Device is Moto G5 Plus(Oero 8.1.0)

Estimote Beacon Details:
Device Type: Proximity Beacon
Firmware Version: A3.2.0
Hardware Version: D3.4
Access Mode: Development (anyone can access)
Basic Battery Saving: On
Smart Battery Saving: On

Hardware Version: D3.4

That’s a pretty old model (2013-2015 if I remember correctly), do you know if it has a new battery in it? If it’s still the original battery, then it’s most likely dead by now.

But how come it is working with the iPhone. The estimate app of iOS can detect it’s presence and can also show its details…

Oh, sorry, I missed that part. Yes, that suggest that everything is fine with the beacon, and instead, the problem might be somewhere with the Moto G5’s Bluetooth or the Estimote Android app. Bluetooth performance in the Android world varies greatly from one Android smartphone to another, and while we try our best to ensure compatibility with most of the Android devices, it’s a never-ending battle.

I had seen your post, that com.estimote.sdk is deprecated. So, i tried with Proximity SDK also… But the results are still the same !!! I tried with Moto, and Samsung phones also… but it is not showing the beacons inside onEnter or onExit…

If you can’t get an enter event to trigger on multiple different Android devices, then maybe the problem is somewhere with your setup/code. For Proximity SDK, the beacons need to have Estimote Monitoring enabled, and also need to be tagged appropriately. Maybe you can share a piece of your code where you set up the Proximity Observer, and we can take a look.

Yes, I have used the same TAG names in the code that are used in Estimote Cloud

 EstimoteCloudCredentials cloudCredentials = new 
 EstimoteCloudCredentials(YOUR_APP_ID_HERE, YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE);
        ProximityObserver proximityObserver = new 
  ProximityObserverBuilder(getApplicationContext(), cloudCredentials)
                .onError(new Function1<Throwable, Unit>() {
                    public Unit invoke(Throwable throwable) {
                        return null;

        ProximityZone venueZone =
                new ProximityZoneBuilder()
                        .onEnter(new Function1<ProximityZoneContext, Unit>() {
                            @Override public Unit invoke(ProximityZoneContext proximityContext) {
                                /* Do something here */
                                return null;
                        .onExit(new Function1<ProximityZoneContext, Unit>() {
                            public Unit invoke(ProximityZoneContext proximityContext) {
                                /* Do something here */
                                return null;


But, How to enable Monitoring in the estimote beacon device… ?

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