Where to find App ID and Token for IoT apps?

Where do I find the YOUR_SDK_APP_ID:YOUR_SDK_APP_TOKEN for IoT Apps for LTE-Beacons?

I assume you want the App ID & Token in order to query the Estimote Cloud API.

You can generate them under the “Mobile Apps” in Estimote Cloud => Add New App => Your Own App.

Direct link: https://cloud.estimote.com/#/apps/add/your-own-app

This is somewhat separate from the IoT apps. Think, you have an “IoT app” for your LTE Beacon, and another “app” for querying the Cloud API.

It’s unfortunate that the second kind of apps are bundled under a single umbrella of “mobile apps”, although they can just as well be web apps, or just credentials for playing with curl or Postman. We were optimizing for the most common reason people go to that screen, which is to generate/add a new mobile app to their Estimote Cloud account.