Adversing interval update questions

Hello, I have been testing my Nearables on iOS and have set the advertising interval to 100ms. However, when I test the speed updates on Xcode ( Phone is connected to a computer ), I only get new updates every 1 second. 10x slower than the advertised interval is pretty terrible, but I am thinking a few things. 1) would packets be slower if being transferred to Xcode on the computer? 2) Since the displayed updates on the Xcode have been consistently 1.0 seconds exactly ( standard deviation of interval updates would practically be 0), maybe it could be the Estimote Libary SDK code i’m using that only allows for 1 second updates? Would love any good resource links as well.

Does Anybody have an answer to this?

Hi @phagmann,

I can only tell you that on Android, there is an interval restriction. Maybe the same is appearing on iOS?

I actually am reading that Estimote’s SDK has an apparent work around inside ESTUtilityManager. Specifically the startEstimoteNearableDiscoveryWithUpdateInterval method.