startEstimoteBeaconDiscoveryForRegion and updateInterval


i noticed the new param "updateInterval" since v 2.3 :)

Is there a lower bound/limitation for this? I wonder how often the process in the background (scanning) returns the values?! E.g. is it possible to set updateInterval = 0.01 (seconds)?

Thanks in advance!

A keen eye! (:

Note that this param is on the startEstimoteBeaconsDiscoveryForRegion method, which is not intended to be used in the background, as iOS heavily limits its Core Bluetooth API when using it in the background. Consider using a Core Location based startMonitoringForRegion instead.

Technically, the lower bound for this parameter is > 0, but in practice the minimum viable resolution is around 50-100 ms.

Thanks Piotr for your answer!
One more question. :) The method which introduces the "updateInterval" param comes without plural s (Beacon instead Beacons):


Is there a deeper meaning e.g. this method's delegate returns only one beacon or just a typo.

Yup, just a typo! Fixed in the upcoming version of the SDK.