Estimote speed

How much is the refresh time of Beacons app?
When I try to walk near the Beacon (100ms interval) the app changes state of location with a 1 sec delay ( check with ipad mini ).
If the interval is more high (500ms), with a normal speed of walk, the probability to loose the "near" location is very high discouraging its use in the real world of this tools. I don't have executed test with my custom app but if the your app is the better implementation ( I think ) the performance of device and relative software are not very good.
Someone have better performance?


Those might be the delays connected with invoking enter and exit regions. You can read more about it here:

Hi, your article tells about back/foreground issues and there are a tons of infos in web. I speak about foreground operation. With the app in activity is difficult (with your app ) get the "near" location when walking, due to the slow refresh (beacon advertise is 100ms). I don't know if is possible to raise the refresh time but I think your app is state of the art and pushes the limit... or no? Your code gets the signal correlation with a custom class or uses the apple sdk ?


Hi Paolo,

The responsiveness (speed) depends on 2 factors: frequency of the beacon's signal and frequency of the phone scanning for bluetooth devices. We do not have our own algorythms, by default iOS settings scan for beacons in frequency of 1 second.

Hello, for you is therefore impossible to implementing a custom algorithm for better responsiveness?
I'm interested about your opinion.

Technically -- yes, but there's a good reason why the default Core Location API doesn't scan for beacons more frequently. The more often you use the iOS device's radio, the bigger the impact on the battery life.