Slow notifications

Hi All

I have been working with the Background Monitoring and Ranging samples and have a working app that’s getting notifications when I flip the beacons over but if I walk away from the beacon and wait a couple of minutes and walk back with in range the notification can take up to 10 minutes display on my phone.

How can I fix this?

Hmm, weird. What iPhone model and iOS version? Can you try lowering the adv interval to 100 ms temporarily, see if it helps? What Tx power is you beacon set to and how close to the beacon you’re getting?


I’m using an iPhone 6s running iOS 9.2.1 and my Estimote is already set to 100ms and +4 dBm. I can walk into my office and place the phone next to the beacon before I get the notification.

Any chance you’d be willing to install the Bluetooth Diagnostic profile from Apple:

… and send us the logs? Alternatively, you could open a bug report directly with Apple.

Here are the logs

In this case I powered off the phone and walk away from the beacon, far enough to be out of range, I than turned the phone one and started my app. I lokked the phone and walked back to the beacon and placed my phone next to the beacon, almost touching it. It did not receive any notifications.

Here is the logs Logs Link

Thanks a lot!!!

I took a look at the logs and … I can’t find any Estimote Beacons in it, nor a sign of the device asking the BLE chip to start monitoring for any beacons. There’s just one Bluecats Beacons in there, and I think no apps seem to be monitoring for it.

Could you retry the experiment? Is your Estimote Beacon appearing in the Estimote iOS app?