Location Beacons - not getting detected

Note: I am running out of options here and have tried multiple posts in the forums.

  1. The default Estimote App in Android is not able to detect the beacons placed next to it. It does so at times, but the moment I go into the details for one of the beacons and then back to the list, the identified beacons simply disappear.

I tried multiple things like restarting the app, logging in / out, etc. but it is not working.

  1. Any kind of configuration that needs to be pushed from the Cloud is always remaining in Pending Settings.

Please help out over here. Is there something about the battery that could be causing this? Please suggest multiple things that I could try out to make it consistent.

That’s weird! Can you private-message me your Estimote Account email? (click on my avatar, and then on the “message” button)

Hi, i have the same problem, can you give me some information about that?. THX