Wrong value about light level and temperature

I am currently using the location beacons to do some test and I found the value I got about the light level and temperature are strange. First the values vary from one beacon to another in the same environment. Another one is for the light level in the room during daytime I got around 70lux and I testes it with an application and the value was 170lux ,which have a big difference. I set the interval at 500ms and Broadcasting Power at -8dm.Did someone meet the same problem or have some idea about this? Thanks in advance.

Some fluctuations in temperature readings between beacons are to be expected. You can calibrate this in each beacon via:



You’ll need to use our SDK to connect to the beacon and change these settings. This doc should come in handy:


On iOS, once connected, you’d do something like:

let beacon = device as! ESTDeviceLocationBeacon
beacon.settings!.sensors.temperatureOffset.writeValue(-2.5) { setting, error in
    if let setting = setting {
        NSLog("write tempOffset: \(setting.getValue())")
    } else if let error = error {
        NSLog("write tempOffset error: \(error)")

On Android:

        .set(-2.5, new SettingCallback//...

As for the light, the silicone enclosure might be interfering with the readings, you can try to take the beacon out if it, see if you get better results.

Thanks for your reply Piotr, I removed the coat the result is more reliable and the motion state is easier to detect. We can’t use the beacon without enclosure so I want to do some tests to make the error small but the different color enclosure has different transmittance. Could you please tell me if you did some tests about it?

We didn’t really. Maybe at least getting them all in the same-color enclosure would be some improvement?