Temperature measuring iBeacon and SDK 2.x

I updated my beacons today and realized that new functionality around accelerometer and temperature - good stuff!

However, having played with the temperature measuring makes me believe that there might still be an issue with either hardware or software. Did anybody else test this?

Here is what I did:
1. put first beacon into separate froster area of fridge at -18°C
2. put second beacon into fridge at 5°C
3. kept third outside at around 30°C

Reading the temperature values from the Estimote app after connecting shows:

  1. -10°C
  2. 12°
  3. seems about right

The devices were left in the fridge for more then 12 hours.

Any thoughts?


Hi Dirk,

Have you calibrated your beacon first to the actual room temperature?

The inaccuracies can be an effect of that. You have to calibrate your beacons first to get accurate test results.

Does it help?

Hi Ula,

I actually found the calibrate button in the Estimate app just after writing the above post and figured this would be the solution. I will test and see.

Thanks for your hint.

Hi Dirk,

Great! I hope it will help. Please, don't hesitate to get back to me if you need any more assistance.