Calibrating Temperature Sensors [Android]

I’ve upgraded the Estimote Android App … I’ve upgraded firmware on my beacons … I set the advertising package to Eddystone-UID … I note the temperature varies drastically between my 3 beacons … I want to calibrate the temp sensors … the App does not seem to allow me to do so …

Please assist.

For now there is no such option in Android SDK/app. Can you use our iOS app in order to perform temperature calibration?

Hi Wiktor

No not possible. It would mean I go purchase an Apple device … Not possible to add this cost to cost of beacon.

I really do not understand Estimote development process … offering features that are not supported and not informing customers.

Wiktor again I must ask that Estimote reimburse me for costs as these beacons are useless to my project … my customer will install at least 150 beacons … I need the beacons to be working in ALL aspects both Android and iOS perfectly … I cannot make a mistake.

Please reply urgently.

Hi there,

Sorry that you feel that way! To broadcast temperature, you can try using the Eddystone-TLM packet, which includes temp. sensor data. Alternatively, you can pre-order Estimote Stickers, which also broadcast temperature readings over the air.

If you’d rather return beacons, we can of course do that. In that case, please shoot me an email with your order number to


Hi Wojtek

This is not about my feelings but about getting a job done.

Please see past communication on this issue. Estimote beacons … specifically Telemetry is not ready for Android. Please note that if sensors cannot be calibrated then they are deemed inaccurate … inaccurate sensors are useless. I shall send you order and cost details in the morning.