Temperature calibration


we are currently working on integrating the Estimote Beacon and its temperature sensor in our app.
Now we want to provide the option to calibrate the temperature from within the app.

While playing around with it we discovered that sometimes the value we send to the beacon as an calibration temperature is not the same it is returning back. For example we calibrated it 24,8 degrees and return value from the calibrate function is 25 degrees.

Is that by design? Or what is causing the difference?


The thermometer in our beacons is accurate within a ± 1℃ range, so seeing 25 where you expect 24.8 isn’t out of the ordinary.

Hi heypiotr,

Sometimes we get differences up to 5 degrees.
Is it better to run calibration again or how this should be handled.


Whoa, interesting. So say, you’re putting 25 into the calibration procedure, and you’re getting 20 in return?

Yes, sometimes. Right now we solved it by just doing the calibration a second time.
We just switched over to the new SDK. Lets get some experience here and see how it works…