Beacon with Temperature sensor data incorrect

Finally testing beacons with temp sensor … this via Estimote Android App. Temp sensors have not been calibrated.

At room temperature the sensors seems to work okay [relatively accurate]. At -18degC however the the sensors show a temperature of 250degC. Is this due to not having been calibrated? … or perhaps the way 8.8 fixed point number was processed by the SDK?

So this is regular beacons and the Eddystone-TLM packet? Or sticker beacons? Could be a bug in our SDK, we’ll investigate, thanks!

Yup the regular beacon with temp in TLM packet … Estimote Android App … and I see the same when trying to convert the TEMP output [apparently in 8.8 fixed point notation according to Estimote docs] using Android Beacon Library … [I guess getExtraDataFields(2) ]… I found no guidelines for converting this output but guess it is OUTPUT divided by 256 [?] … by doing so I get the same reading in degC as the Estimote App … note that I am not using the Estimote Android SDK …

The EddystoneValidator from the Eddystone repo might come in handy, it shows how to read to TLM values on Android:


I see the validation thank you … may come in handy. Any news yet re the Temp discrepancy on the Estimote Android App. …

Sorry, I think I’ve lost the train of thought here. Which discrepancies we’re talking about? (:

as mentioned before [check previous posts] … when I place beacon in freezer at -18dgeC the Android Estimote App reads 250 degC … I get the same programatically using both Estimote SDK and Android Beacon Library … this is a very BIG discrepancy in temperature measure … what is going wrong?

Ah, that, of course. We’re looking into that—possibly a bug in the SDK or firmware. Thanks for bringing it to our attention (:

@softserveapps We have just pushed new version of Estimote app to Play Store which fixes that. Tomorrow new SDK with bug fix will be available at

Thanks a lot for pointing at it!

Welcome. Now I need to know how to convert sensor output to degC when not using SDK but standard Android library…?