Workflow for Sporting Venue Application

trying to familiarize myself with the concept of beacons and starting to get a handle on things. But as usual in these new initiatives; “As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness” !

What would be the workflow and/or suggested approach to having this scenario at a venue:

  1. A fan enters the venue
  2. A notification appears on his smartphone “Welcome to the Home of the Braves”
  3. Swipping the notification takes them to an “Eddystone” notification on the Today screen
  4. Eddystone takes them to a landing page ( )

I think this would be the sequence for an iOS device, does Android eliminate step 3 ?
Will iOS 10 make this a simpler process?

Any directions/suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.



Hi Whit,

The flow would be similar on both iOS and Android. Keep in ind though that on iOS, if you want to detect URLs broadcast by beacons, Chrome needs installed on the user’s phone. On Android, Nearby Notifications based on Eddystone are baked into the OS itself. Plus the notifications for Physical Web (Eddystone-URL) are silent on both platforms.


Thank you for the comment.

Will the release of iOS 10 change things in any way?

So notifications are silent, darn!

I would need to educate the patrons to

*** have blue tooth turned on**
*** have Chrome installed**

Would it serve any purpose to broadcast a UUID as th same time with a welcome message and request to check the Physical Web ?

Thank you


PS My beacons haven’t arrived yet ) impending mail strike here in Canada further delays, so I can’t test any approaches out yet.