URL notification


I’m a beginner on Estimote.
I’d like to develop an app in Swift for IOS to receive Eddystone URL and create a notification with the URL.
I checked on IOS with Physical Web app. I can see the URL sent by my Estimote device so I think the configuration is OK.

I have notification app provided in the sample. I tested, it’s working well but Now I want to see the URL in the notification. How to have URL information to display in the notification ?
Thank you,

This example on the Eddystone GitHub might come in handy:


I think you’d need to hook your notification code into here:


i.e., the didObserveURLBeacon method.

You’d also probably need to code is so that it only shows the notification once, not on every detection of the beacon.

Thank you for you answer. I in fact used attributes instead of Eddystone. It’s allowed me to display more information in the notification.

I have few more issues :

  • I used the sample for notification. Working well on iPhone but the app must be opened to receive notifications. I understood the app will be blocked maybe by Apple but do you have a sample to receive notifications without keeping the app opened ?

  • For some Android devices. I’m receiving many times the connect and disconnect messages during 10s. How to solve this ?