Which tool to use to set up Eddystone programmatically on beacon


I read a lot of stuff on Estimote web site (forum, community, etc.) but I really not understand what I have to use (Android Studio, Google Console, etc?) to set up Eddystone programmatically.

Exemple, I want to set up a URL on one of my beacon but it say on this page (http://blog.estimote.com/post/124778667895/beacons-chrome-ios) “Don’t worry if you don’t have an Android device on hand. You can also set up Eddystone programmatically, using the Estimote SDK. This and a more detailed explanation of Eddystone’s ins and outs are available on our Developer Portal”.

I understand I have to “download the Estimote SDK or to go to Developer Portal”. But after that, what we have to do? Which tool (Android Studio, Google Console, etc?) I have to use to play with the code? I found many coding but steel not see which tool I have to use with that code.

There is a place where we can get a “step by step” introduction to Eddystone setup?

Thanks for your help.


The mention of having to use the Estimote SDK to set up Eddystone is because, at that time, our iOS app didn’t support Eddystone yet.

However, we added the appropriate support shortly thereafter, meaning that you can now simply take any Estimote app (iOS from the App Store, or Android from Google Play Store), and use it to update your beacons’ firmware and change their advertising packet to Eddystone-URL, and set the URL. That’s the whole setup! (: