When will connection not be required to detect motion?

In your Estimote Example app, you mentioned that "In the future, connection will not be required to detect motion". Could you tell me its expected time?


No ETA to share yet, but we have this on the roadmap.

Does this mean that the estimote beacons/stickers will record all movements and be able to sync them back to the devices when back in range?


It will mean that the app would be aware if the beacon is in the motion of not, without having to login to the beacon.

I think it would be quite useful if the beacons had a way to store data independently of the app and then sync them back to the app when connected back to it. Example would be to use an Estimote sticker as a door open tracker. You could use to keep track of how many times people enter a room. In this case, it would not be very practical to have a person/smartphone tethered at all times in order to record the data.

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Thomas -- we actually keep track of how many times beacon was in motion: