Beacon detection without a phone


As a communication agency, we have already bought the developer preview kit, and we're playing around a little bit with it to see what we can offer to our customers.

Also, we've seen the video about stickers in actions on the homepage of the estimote website, and we're very interested about the customer interaction with a product that we see at 1'20.

The point is :
In the video, the customer take a shoe, and the screen shows informations about it. But how can we detect the beacon move without any phone ? Do you know a sort of device (cheapest than a phone) that can installed permanently into a store and which can receive the beacon's move notification, so we can show something on a TV screen when it does ?

Thanks for your answer.


Thanks for your question. You don't need to buy any additional device as the beacons themselves have build-in accelerometer sensor that detects motion.

That means you can design your apps to react if a nearby Beacon is shaken or moved. Additionally, the Beacon will track the number of times it was in motion since last counter reset.

Thanks Agnieszka for your quick answer.

The embedded counter is something interesting.

However, in your example, the app that reacts to the beacon has to be running on a phone isn't it ? Is there any other cheapest hardware than a phone that can detect a beacon with your SDK ? I've thought about the Nexus Player for example ( which is Bluetooth 4.1 and runs Android 5.


Accelerometer feature is available only for iOS right now, it means it will work with iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.0 or later.

You can connect a iPad to the TV and when detect the beacon move put a video about this product. it is the only solution for your problem.

That's what I thought.
When the Android SDK will support the beacons' accelerometers, a Nexus Player will be a great and cheaper alternative.
Do we know approximately when an Android SDK update will be available ?


I'm sorry but I'm not able to give specific time frames, likely this year but for more details please stay tuned.