Stickers and location beacons sleep question

I’m having a issue with both the stickers and location beacons:

Estimote Stickers:

  • Have to shake it for it to start sending nearable packets.
  • Stops sending nearable packets after roughly 20s.

This is still happening, eventhough I have configured it to always broadcast, regardless of motion.

Estimote Beacons:

  • Will stop sending telemetry packets 20s after screen goes off.
  • (Will still discover other beacons, so bluetooth is not off).

I’m also wondering why the estimote SDK stops receiving telemetry data from the estimote beacons 20s after the screen has been turned off?

Unless “Motion Only Advertising” is enabled, beacons and stickers broadcast their packets all the time. It might be that your smartphone/your mobile app stops listening/scanning for these packets after some amount of time. This is especially true if you turn the screen off => iOS/Android will by default suspend your app if it’s not in use.

Are you on iOS or Android?

Thank you for the reply. We use background scanning with estimote, even though it is not officially supported, and it seems to work best with one of your older SDK’s. Also, sometimes when the app is launched, it won’t correctly display the current beacons setting (from cloud or wherever it gets it from, given internet connection). (So it might say that motion only broadcasting is off, however it is still one). So I belive this was the main isssue.

Thanks for your quick replies!