Estimote beacons cannot be detected until they move

I have three estimote beacons, I am trying to detect them with latest given android sdk, one of them constantly can be detected, but the others are detected only when they are moved. I am using the demo application without any modification. How can I fix this?

Hi Cagdas,

Could you share some more details? How far are you from the beacons? Does this also happen in the Android app?

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Hi Wojtek,

I tried 30 cm to 5 m for every beacon , result didn't change. I also tried with only one beacon in range, the undetected beacons were undetected again (they can be detected with shaking or just replacing, -just like the beacons only activate with movement-), and the other one was detected. I used only the android demo application, didn't try with ios.

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Hi Cagdas,

That's an extremely strange case. I reported it to our developers so they can investigate it further. Will keep you posted!


Thank you, i'm looking for the solution
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Hi there,

Any chance somebody modified motionProximityUUID of the beacons in question using the iOS SDK? If motionProximityUUID is different from the proximityUUID, the former will be broadcasted instead of the latter when the beacon is in motion - which could explain your issue.

Any chance you could use the iOS SDK to check the proximityUUID and motionProximityUUID values?

Could you also provide us with your Cloud account email? You can send it to