"In Motion" public?

My question is following, is there any way that I can read information on android app about Proximity beacon motion sensor WITHOUT being logged to Estimote cloud? I need only In motion/Not moving information. I can see that nearables display this data without logging into the cloud, so how about Proximity?

First-generation Proximity Beacons (hardware revision “D”) require you to be connected to the beacon in order to read from the sensors. And since connecting to a beacon allows you to also change settings, we require you to be logged in with your Cloud credentials, to confirm that you’re the owner and have the right to change the settings.

Newer generation (hardware revision “G”) support a Telemetry packet, which contains sensor readings, and you can discover that packet without being logged in to Estimote Cloud. Just like with the Sticker Beacons.

There’s one trick for the first-gen Proximity, it’s called Motion UUID … Basically, when you enable it, your beacon will broadcast different UUID when it’s in motion. This way, you can tell if it’s moving or not by checking which UUID it currently broadcasts. And this doesn’t require you to be logged in to Estimote Cloud either.

I tried to enable this for first-generation beacons (on the cloud site and the Android app), but the setting just shows as pending on the cloud site. Does something specific need to be done in the app to enable this?

I tried to enable this

What’s “this”? (:

UPDATE: nevermind, I saw your message in our support inbox, where you mention Motion UUID. There’s actually no option to enable Motion UUID via Estimote Cloud in the first-gen Proximity Beacons, so not sure which exact “pending” setting you have in mind.

I don’t remember now if there’s an option to enable Motion UUID in the Estimote Android app, for the first-gen beacons. You can always use the Android SDK though. Here’s a guide how to connect to the beacon:


And for Motion UUID, you want to do:

connection.settings.beacon.enableMotionUUID().set(true, // callback here ...