Using ibeacons(estimote) with a SmartWatch


I have few queries regarding ibeacons and smartwatch.

1.Can i integrate an ibeacon(estimote) with a smartwatch(Sony Smartwatch 3) as it is also a BLE device ? If yes then how ? if No why ?
2.I need to know how to change the content of the notification which i will receive on coming near an ibeacon (putting up my own msg for display) over the smartwatch.

I hope you reply at the earliest.

Thank you

Are you trying to develop a native app on the smartwatch or are you planning to use the watch as a notification screen for a companion app on the smartphone/tablet?
In any case, I have done this with an ASUS Zenwatch 2.
For building a native app on the watch, you do not need to do anything special since the Estimote SDK on Android will also work on Android Wear.
For using it as a notification device, all you have to do is to post the notification on your smartphone app and it should display on the watch if the two are paired over Bluetooth.
The content of the notification can be changed by the setContent() method in Android.

No i am not trying to develop any native application.My basic intention is the notification of the respective beacon on a smartwatch when in range and change the notification sentences accordingly. My specific criterion was of Estimote beacon and sony smart watch 3.

Just like @sky said, our Android SDK should work just fine in your Android Wear app—you can simply follow our regular Android tutorials (: