[SOLVED] Problem using smartwatch to detect Beacons

I’m currently trying to use a smartwatch LG G Watch R (fully updated) as a Beacon Scanner.

Using the smartphone I have no problem at all, but with the smartwatch I receive/read the signal from the beacons every 5 seconds despite having set both on the app and on the beacons the scanning interval at 325ms.

The code is basically the same used on the smartphone. I think it could be a problem of the smartwatch itself (maybe for energy saving reasons), but I don’t have another one to use for testing.

Someone else had the same problem?

PS I found on this website that they did something similar to what I’m trying to achieve.

UPDATE: No one knows???

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I discovered on StackOverflow that the Estimote SDK is not fully tested on Android Wear, so I solved the problem using the AltBeacon library instead of the Estimote SDK.