Using Estimote SDK in Apps also installing on older devices

I am trying to integrate the Estimote SDK for my iBeacons. However, I will offer the option to use iBeacons for those devices/Android SDKs that support it.

Currently if the SDK is added to a project however it does not install anymore on older devices because of the requirements of the SDK. Could this be optional? Or how can I do this, as I discovered that some of my Apps are now not compatible anymore by a lot of users since I started implementing some tests with iBeacons and the Estimote SDK.

Gradle does manifest merging and currently in the manifest is written:

<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.bluetooth_le" android:required="true"/>

As a workaround you need to override this manifest merging not to be required.

We will be removing it from SDK as you should be able to include SDK on older devices but use on newer ones.

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