Can I configure iBeacon without estimote app


Can I configure my iBeacons with the android native library, using GATT profile or something similar?


Hi there,

For security reasons, it’s only possible to connect to Estimote Beacons and configure them either with the app or through the SDK. Both are available on iOS and Android.


So a developer can’t use open source lib and extract temperature data, movement data from Estimote?

What are you trying to do? Build your own app for configuring Estimote beacons? Or access sensor data, but for some reason (what is it?) can’t use our SDK?

EDIT: Just noticed your another post, let’s keep the conversation there.

Yes sure. Thanks for the reply. Well I am trying to create a small prototype which uses Raspberry pi to read Estimote beacon sensor data (using a BLE adapter). But the SDK is only supported in iOS & Android yes?