Read Estimote using default Android API


How can I read the Estimote iBeacons without using the Estimote SDK? For my purposes, I would like to read all of the information using the regular Android API that deals with BLE Services and Characteristics.

As of right now, I can scan for the devices, and see the UUIDs, but (and perhaps this is just a gap in my knowledge of BLE), I cannot find any characteristics attached to the services that have UUIDs. I am wondering where I can pull the beacon information (marjor, minor, rssi, etc) from?


Hi there -- I'm afraid we can't disclose such information, as this constitutes Apple's proprietary iBeacon protocol. Can I ask what's stopping you from using the Estimote SDK? Maybe I'll be able to help here?

The Estimote SDK works fine, but I wanted to have an application that, in the future, could possibly interchange different BLE devices with what I am currently using the Estimotes for. So I was wondering if I could have generic BLE scan/data retrieval code, rather than dedicated Estimote code for these beacons.


To connect to the beacon you need to use our SDK, this is our security mechanism.

I did a concept proof to Android for a job. Works with estimote (but is not finished).
You can try it:


Thanks for sharing this. Good job!