What SDK to use?

Hi everyone,

I’m current developing an app for Android 7.0.
I want to extract information such as: Major, Minor, RSSI, … of my ibeacons
What SDK should I use now since the old one stops working on Android 6.0+

Thank you all.

This is the latest version of our Proximity SDK:

Note that it doesn’t actually use iBeacon (i.e., majors/minors) but our own protocol/technology, Estimote Monitoring.

Our old/stable SDK is still available here if you really need iBeacon:

… but yea, it has known reliability issues on newer Android versions, which was the reason we had to rebuild it almost from scratch. This version is not going to be actively developed anymore, going forward we’re gonna focus entirely on the new Proximity SDK.

We might end up packaging our internal scanning code into a standalone library and releasing it with support for detecting and parsing raw packets (so, no enter/exit detection/events or RSSI smoothing, just low-level “received packet X with RSSI Y”), including iBeacon, for those who prefer to build their own handling of the Bluetooth signals/packets. But we haven’t made any decisions yet, so any feedback about whether developers would be interested in such a thing, what you would want to use it for, and why not go for the ready-made Proximity SDK, is most welcome!

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