Using Estimote for pushing a URL on iOS is the Today tab only way to show it?

I am now able to get my URL to show up on my phones Today tab in notifications. Is this the only way to have the URL show?

The ability to have it show in notifications is great but this means the user has to know to add chrome notifications which doesn’t seem to intuitive to novice users.

You can always build your own app which will scan for Eddystone-URL packets, and if it detects some, it can trigger a regular notification (:

Building an app is what I don’t want to do. I want this to all work without the need of an APP.

Got it. Sadly, this means you’re limited by whatever implementation the web browsers impose on you. And I don’t think any web browser would want a beacon to be able to push a regular notification, with vibrations and sound and all, because that risks the user getting spammed—a notion that has already given beacons a bad rap (unfairly so, because so far it’s all opt-in). Maybe if the user has agreed to notifications from a certain page beforehand, but no web browser currently implements such feature.