Estimote SDK and IOS 11

We have a app which uses Estimoate SDK currently supported on IOS 9.0. The app scans for beacons as a back ground process. Our customers are moving to IOS 11. In IOS 11 apps using location services will be reported to the User in the form of a banner. How actively does Estimote SDK use the location services. Will we face the same problem of IOS reporting our app for using location services when we move our app to IOS 11.
Any help will be appreciated

Good question! No Estimote SDKs use any Core Location APIs that would trigger the banner, even with the changes in iOS 11. To be specific, Proximity SDK and Indoor SDK only use Core Location Region Monitoring, and the “monolithic” “Estimote SDK” uses Region Monitoring and/or iBeacon Ranging, depending on which methods you use. AFAIK only the Standard Location Updates can trigger the banner, because it’s the only Core Location service that can actually keep an app executing code in the background. (compared to Region Monitoring, which only wakes the app/grants execution time to handle the enter/exit events)