Use Case of Beacon Technology in Education using Estimote

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New Smart School Bus features are available to enhance students’ experience and safety! Last year, our team was glad to announce the launch of a Smart School Bus Application to Google Play market Now we are happy to share a great piece of news… iOS application has been launched too! We have been working much and hard on our product improvement over the past months having no time to share a few highlights.

Our School Bus solution consists of a control panel and two native applications (for iOS and Android platforms).

The control panel, localized in English and Arabic languages, contains a dashboard that allows school administration to manage all the processes in the system both for Parent and Driver mobile applications. The School Administrator can set up buses, drivers, students, and parents; create routes with bus stops projected next to students’ home addresses using Google Maps; link routes to a particular driver, thus providing him with the most efficient way to pick up students; see at any time which students are on the bus with the help of iBeacon technology, and access the database of drivers, parents, and students at any given time. The Super Admin of the system can do the same for all the schools which adopted Our School Bus. For student identification and safety, it is essential that all students should have iBeacons on them (for example carry them in their school bags) – each individual iBeacon for every child attending school (iBeacons can be purchased by schools or by parents individually from iBeacon Estimote supplier).

Our School Bus system is flexible and easy enough to use both for drivers and parents, and the application is available for international download.

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