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iHello everyone,

As part of a student contest, a student friend and I are going to associate ourselves around a iOS / Android project to simplify the student daily university.

The theme of the contest is to realize a mobile application that "revolutionize the lives of students. "

So this application will interact with the beacons, and I personally chosen the Estimate beacons to support me on the project.

At the moment, we already tried to send to students a form to collect some advices but not too much responses.

We thought about :
-Download a course or TP when we enter the room
-Creating a temporary "session" linked to a course where the interaction is complete between the students and the teacher (examples exchanges, QCM, resources (image, link, etc ..)
-Get the teacher contact ( mail, number )
-Something like interactif reminder. Sometimes you want to go to the secretary room to do something but you forgot. That can be cool if we get receive a notification telling us don’t forget to go to the secretary room when we are close to.

By asking your advice, we improve the chances of creating something that most possible approach to the student needs.

Rebouh Aymen and Martin-Serreau Anthony

Estimote* grr automatic correction !

Hi Aymen,

Fantastic to hear that you chose Estimote. Here are some links that might provide you with some inspiration:
- https://www.bv02.com/estimote-beacons-museum-nature/ (not exactly edtech, but very cool project with educational potential anyway)
- https://community.estimote.com/hc/en-us/articles/203902086-Lightcurb-and-Estimote-keep-pushing-school-innovation-in-Kuwait
- https://community.estimote.com/hc/en-us/articles/203756326-Feel-safe-on-campus-with-Punch-Alert

Fingers crossed for your app! Let us know how the contest went :)