URL broadcasted by beacon available only for users in proximity?

Hey I’m working on a project with beacons for couple of weeks now. So basically I wanted to broadcast URL by beacon for users in proximity so they can login on a web page and do something. However I don’t want to have a situation where someone from the “outside” could get a link to the web page and access it without being close to the beacon. What would be the best way to prevent that from happening ?

Hi Jaskovitz,

in my opinion, you have better broadcasting an iBeacon or Eddystone default frame with UUID, installing an app’ that connects the phone to your website instead of filtering access to the URL. Because you can’t say to your web-site: “this HTTP request comes from near the beacon”. Anyone with the URL will be able to access to your web-site. The filtering have to be done -not on the access- on the connection.
Maybe I’m wrong, please tell me if I am.