How to view URL links through Beacons


I’m trying to use my Beacons to redirect visitors to the app in the Play Store. I have used the Estimote app to set the URL address in the Eddystone URL section, but not sure what to do from here. If my Bluetooth is switched on and in proximity of the Beacon, I am not redirected to the Play Store page.

Can someone please provide step-by-step instructions to achieve this?

Hey @Herman,

the Eddystone-URL packets are send to the phones, but you need to activate:

  • the Bluetooth to get the signals,
  • the location permission because Android considers that the BLE & beacon technology is locating you in a specific space,
  • a Internet connection because Android recovers page information (title, icon…) with URL before presenting to you.

You might need to activate Nearby on Android:
Google parameters -> Nearby.