Error from server when uploading a new location(created using locationBuilder) to Estimote Cloud

I am building an IOS app using Estimote Indoor SDK, and I got an Error from server when I finished building my location using locationBuilder and uploaded to Estimote cloud using addLocationRequest.sendRequest() method. The error message is as the following:

2017-05-11 17:29:36.655 EyesOnUCSD[70223:10710832] Error when saving location: Optional(Error Domain=ESTRequestBaseErrorDomain Code=400 “The server cannot or will not process the request due to an apparent client error.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=The server cannot or will not process the request due to an apparent client error., NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=Verify provided URL and params.})

I have verified my appId and appToken, they are both valid. Actually they work pretty well when I fetch location from the server.(I have some locations stored on Estimote Cloud already, but they were created using the Estimote Indoor App, I am trying the locationBuilder approach).

I have been stuck on this for hours and could not figure out why. I will paste my code down there. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!

class LocationCreationHelper: NSObject {
    static func MapNewLocation() {
        let locationBuilder = EILLocationBuilder()
        locationBuilder.setLocationName("Design Lab 3")
            EILPoint(x: 0.00, y: 0.00),
            EILPoint(x: 0.00, y: 6.81),
            EILPoint(x: 12.57, y: 6.81),
            EILPoint(x: 13.84, y: 0.00)])
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.A_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 0, inDistance: 2.36, from: .leftSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.B_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 0, inDistance: 4.14, from: .leftSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.C_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 1, inDistance: 3.32, from: .leftSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.D_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 1, inDistance: 6.85, from: .leftSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.E_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 1, inDistance: 1.9, from: .rightSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.F_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 2, inDistance: 2.29, from: .leftSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.G_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 3, inDistance: 1.29, from: .leftSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.H_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 3, inDistance: 5.02, from: .leftSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.I_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 3, inDistance: 8.65, from: .leftSide)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.J_Identifier,
                                  atBoundarySegmentIndex: 3, inDistance: 2.38, from: .rightSide)
        let k_position = EILOrientedPoint.init(x: 8.8, y: 2.79)
        locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: BeaconConstants.K_Identifier, withPosition: k_position)
        if let location = {
            ESTConfig.setupAppID(AppConstants.AppId, andAppToken: AppConstants.AppToken)
            let addLocationRequest = EILRequestAddLocation(location: location)
            addLocationRequest.sendRequest { (location, error) in
                if error != nil {
                    NSLog("Error when saving location: \(String(describing: error))")
                } else {
                    NSLog("Location saved successfully: \(String(describing: location?.identifier))")
        } else {
            NSLog("location is null")

Estimote Cloud returns HTTP code 400 Bad Request when there’s a validation error. I’m looking at the list of validation rules, and on your code, and the only suspect seems to be the beacon identifiers—they need to be valid, and these beacons need to exist in Estimote Cloud. Could you double-check for typos?

Man that did solve the problem! Thank you so much! Just one letter off in the one of the beacon identifier…