Updating stop by 10%


the estimote cloud app say thats a new Firmware update is available 4.9.1.

Put after 10% Updating thy stopping to update and do nothing.

So i tired 3-4 times but nothing change.



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hey Estimote Support. Lots of us are having the same issue and still no answer from your side. What is happening and when is it getting fixed?

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Yes. We also having same problem

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How would you rate support? This issue (mostly lack of quick feedback thereto) has me worried. About to choose a beacon solution for our (current and future) needs. Was about to go the estimote way, started to browse these forums, and saw this.

I noticed strange behavior in the Estimote App (Android):
At first, I saw an update for version 4.9.0, so I updated my beacons to this version.
Some days later I saw an update again for version 4.6.1.
So I updated from 4.9.0 to 4.6.1…
My question to Estimote Team:
What was that? And why rollback to 4.6.1?