Estimote Firmware Update fails at 25%

I’m currently trying to update 2 Estimotes using the android application but everytime i’ve tried this it gets stuck at 25%.

I’ve tried using an iPhone 6 to do the update as well but this fails saying cannot download the firmware.

Any suggestions for getting these to update.

One is currently stuck at firmware version B2.0 trying to update to 3.2.0.
The other is on firmware 3.0.1 and trying to update to 3.2.0


We’re having a temporary problem with our server which stores the firmware files. Already working to address it—sorry for the trouble and thank you for your patience!

Thanks for the quick reply, managed to get them to update in the last 1/2 hour or so.

Related to this is there any quick way to update 60+ of these at once, we are looking at deploying this number in the near future and would be really helpful to know how easy it is to update once they have been deployed whilst configuring them.


Was about to post that the issue is now fixed, but you beat me to it (:

Re: mass update, you could take our SDK and write a simple app that connects to all beacons in range, one by one, and updates the firmware. You could also use it later to do the same once they’re deployed—just walk from beacon to beacon, and the app will automatically pick them up and start the update.