Update failed due to server issue


I'm currently experiencing issues with updating the beacons using the iOS app(latest version on iPhone 5s).

I get "....update failed due to server issue." whenever I try to update Broadcasting Interval, Advertising Interval, Firmware etc.

Also whenever I tap on of these option I get prompted to login even though I've already done so(maybe the app isn't keeping the auth?).

Any assistance appreciated.


Yes, I am seeing exactly this problem as well. I generated a new UUID for the 33 beacons I am trying to update. Pressing "Back" shut down the app and logged me out. On logging back in the new UUID was not present. Anything I try to do logs me out.

Also, Is there any way I can add a UUID that was generated external to Estimote.

This is annoying when I had to get the job done this weekend and took all the beacons home to do this.

Hi guys,

Sorry for this! We're working to address this in the app update coming very soon. In the meantime I've passed this to our devs to check if there are quick fixes you could use as a workaround.