Beacons not updating (or taking forever)

I’m changing the settings on about 65 beacons. I’ve used the cloud app to change their:

Major value
Transmit Power
Advertising Interval

In the iOS Estimote SDK App (v 2.18 build 1450), I see the beacons, and I see the new names.

But they all just seem to sit there with clouds over their heads and none are updating, even after about an hour.

The list in the cloud still shows “Pending Settings” for all the beacons.

What can I do here? Need to get them set ASAP for a conference where they will be used prominently.


Just updated to v2.22.3 (build 1509) to see if that helps.

And I think that did it. They are slowly starting to show up in the cloud as have been updated.

So now I’ve run the process for another while, and no more beacons have updated. Does this just take a crazy long time, or should I be concerned? I have to have this done by tomorrow morning at the latest.