Unable to edit Eddystone-UID beacons on Estimote Cloud Website

On the Estimote Cloud website, viewing a single Eddystone-UID beacon and then clicking on Edit Settings shows a dialog for an iBeacon and not an Eddystone beacon i.e. ProximityUUID and not Namespace, major and not instance etc. Am I missing something here?

The dialog title is also Bulk Edit Beacon Settings which in this context of a single beacon is I suspect incorrect.

It’s not yet possible to remotely change Eddystone settings from the cloud dashboard. You can use the Estimote Android app to do that. On iOS, you can build the “Examples” project bundled with the iOS SDK 3.3.0, run it on your device and use the “Beacon Settings” demo to change the settings. Estimote iOS app with support for Eddystone will be coming soon to the App Store.

Eddystone is still in early stages, and we’ll be adding more features to support it throughout our stack with time. Appreciate for your patience!

I’m able to make the changes through the app which is why I thought the lack of support on the web site was a bug.

Gotcha. We’ve added changing Eddystone settings to the app already, but not to the cloud web dashboard yet. Stay tuned for updates (: