Hi Stuart,

Did you, by chance, use our Android app or a 3rd party application to change the settings? If yes, please use the same tool to revert them to the values you can see after logging into Estimote Cloud dashboard.

Changes to the beacon ID will only be synchronized with cloud if made through the latest Estimote iOS app.


I changed the UUID, Minor and Major of my beacon. Now when I use the iOS Estimote app to view beacon details it doesn't give me the Mac Address and asks me to 'Claim' the beacon. It also doesn't show any Location Name, Broacasting Power etc at the bottom.

The UUID on my Estimate Cloud is different to the one being picked up on the phone.

Has anybody had this before?


Hi Stuart!

Did you change Major/Minor values before updating the beacon to firmware 2.1? If yes, then IDs stored in the cloud are different than IDs of the physical beacons, therefore Estimote Cloud cannot authorize your access. To fix it please follow these steps:

  1. Identify beacons with this issue. Those are the beacons that show "Beacon does not belong to..." in the Estimote iOS app, even though you're sure the beacons does belong to you. Note down their MAC addresses, UUID as shown in the app (from now on I'll refer to it as "app UUID"), Major as shown in the app ("app Major") and Minor as shown in the app ("app Minor"). Remember to click "Back" to return to the radar/list of beacons before proceeding.

  2. Check the UUID, Major and Minor in the Cloud. Go to, find the beacon with the MAC address you noted down in step 1 and note down the UUID, Major and Minor as displayed on the web page. I'll refer to these ones as "Cloud UUID", "Cloud Major" and "Cloud Minor".

  3. Download and run Estimote Editor on your iOS device:
    git clone
    cd EstimoteEditor-iOS8
    git submodule update --init --recursive

  4. Find the beacon in Estimote Editor. The third line in the table cell should match the "app UUID", while the first line should match the "app Major" and "app Minor".

  5. Change the major, minor and UUID to match the Cloud values. E.g. if your "app Major" is "123", but "Cloud Major" is "456", you need to change the Major in the Estimote Editor to "456". You can change it by tapping on the blue label next to the "Major:" or "Minor:", and you can change the UUID by tapping on the blue label at the very bottom of the screen.

  6. That's it! Click "Back" in the Estimote Editor. If you go to the Estimote iOS app now, it should properly recognize the beacon as yours.

Hi, sorry for the late response, I have been away from work all week.

I changed the ID's before updating the beacons, but now after leaving them for a week they seem to have changed back to the old ID's on the Estimote beacon app is finding them.

I have just updated the beacons to 2.1 and everything seems to be working fine again... Maybe there was a bit of lag updating the ID's to the Estimote cloud?

Cheers, Stu