ESTBeaconConnection Class and changing beacon properties

I recently changed the Proximity UUID on my beacons that I am working with. I realize this keeps the beacons from being detected by the Estimote App, which is fine. However, now I want to adjust the broadcast power and advertising interval (which I did on the cloud) but cannot complete the pending settings from Estimote Cloud. I have tried using the ESTBeaconConnection Class in my personal app but am unable to connect to a beacon. It gives a didFailWithError call every time. If anyone has code that works to update pending changes or any suggestions I would be appreciative!

Actually, if you log in with your Estimote Account in the Estimote app, it’ll download your custom UUID from Estimote Cloud and should detect your beacons—giving you an easy way to modify/apply the settings again.

If you’re logged in, but still don’t see the beacons, can you try logging out and in again? Let us know if that helps.