Trigger Gate Opener Possible?

I have a client looking for a solution as follows: Open his driveway swing gate, touch-free, as he approaches the driveway. Is this possible to setup using ibeacons? If so, can someone give me a brief walkthrough?

You can use the beacon to easily detect when a driver approaches the gate, and then it’s only a matter of being able to programmatically open the gate. You could, e.g., have a beacon in the car, and a small, cheap (can be based on the $5 Raspberry Pi for example) scanner near the gate. The scanner detects the beacon, and it’s also somehow connected with the gate, so that it can open it when the car approaches the gate.

Thanks. Which hardware do I need connected to the Pi to detect the beacon?

Best would be to look for some Bluetooth USB dongle that’s already verified to work with RPi. I’ve just googled out this list:, there likely is many more to be found.