Minimising trigger distance between iBeacon and Phone

Hi Guys. I am using an iBeacon and linking it with any phone. I am trying to get it configured with a +/- 2 mrts trigger distance. I have an app to accommodate this, but my developer managed 5-8 mtrs and is now no longer contactable.
Any advice anybody?

Hi there @Frankus864!

It’s hard to be very definite without knowing what type of beacon you have, what settings, and what software you’re working on, but you can set the trigger to be based on signal strength, rather than the presence/absence of signal.
In pseudo code, it would be something like:
If signal is detected
signal strength is more than -60
activate trigger

as opposed to
If signal is detected
activate trigger

Hope this helps!

Hi Raphael
Sorry for the delay in responding, Christmas etc, you know how it is!
Thanks, by the way for your response.
To be honest, it doesn’t help at all, as I have no idea about all this. I had a developing an App/beacon combo, but he has half finished the job and left.
Would you be prepared to have a look at the app and help me sort it? I can send you a beacon. All I would need is for you review the app/beacon combo and read what the app is about and let me know how much it would be to get everything working right and how long it would take.
Obviously you would be paid for your work.