Use location Beacon's Output to trigger a relay

Hello… first does anyone know what the Output Voltage/Current is for a location Beacon? i can’t seem to get my GPIO to change to Output. It stays on Input no matter what’s selected. So, if i can get that to work, i’d like to know what the voltage is for the Output…

second, is there a demo/video that shows how to trigger some thing like an LED? I saw a set up but was wondering if there was an actual demo to use or follow…

sorry, very new to Beacons but tasked with getting some relays trigger that can be turned On/Off from an Iphone

appreciate any help and input!

thank you,


You can use an arduino or rapsberry pi with bluetooth dongle to do it wih the help of other fora

Or you can use this :
I’m only just starting to experiment with it so I’m not quite sure if what I give you would be interesting

Just in case, here’s the electrical spec:

GPIO specs - Location Beacon.pdf (42.2 KB)

Hi…i am a new user here. There is a probably a violation active on your device that is causing the output relay to activate and possibly turn on an alarm beacon. Just need to verify that within the files i asked you to provide.

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