Trigger an app download


is it possible for a beacon to trigger an app download on android or iOS? This is because a customer who passes near a beacon may not know which app can interpret the beacon id -and do something useful with it.


Hi @kamalpr,

maybe you could use the Eddystone-URL protocol to send the URL of the app’s store page.
But you would do that for both Android and iOS…

yes -I thought of that. But why will android or iOS trigger a fetch of the url when it gets a packet with an embedded url?
Basically, once you deploy the beacons in a public place, you need to get end user to react to it automatically. I cannot put sign boards telling them to download an app which will react to the beacon’s payload.


It seems to me that you need to tell your customer that there is a BLE device somewhere…
BLE cannot activate an app’ download.