Why can I modify beacon uuid,major and minor value?

I saw the article that "How to change the proximityUUID using Estimote SDK?".
So I tried to modify my beacon's UUID (major, minor) value .

  1. I created ESTBeaconManager object and message 'startRangingBeaconInRegion:' with ESTBeaconRegion object

  2. In 'beaconManager: didRangeBeacons: inRegion:' method, I messaged 'connect' ESTBeacon object.

  3. After that, I called 'writeProximityUUID:completion:' to it.

But I can't get anything about changing beacon's info.

I used Estimote demo app to modify UUID. But, 'Saving UUID failed' error occurred.

My beacon's info
OS : Estimote OS A2.1
Hardware revision : D3.3
SDK version : 2.0

What is the problem in my procedure? I want to know that.

Why can't I modify beacon uuid,major add minor value?

Hi there,

Are you logged in and authenticated via your Estimote Cloud API token while you're trying to change the values?


with the old demo app I was able to edit major and minor values, now with the new one even though I am logged in with the owner's account I can't change any value. How can I fix this (original minor and major values are not the original ones)?

Hi there,

You can still use our SDK v 1.3, EstimoteEditor (https://github.com/ygini/EstimoteEditor) or our Android app to revert the changes. Tneh you'll be able to access the beacon on latest iOS app again.