How do I modify UUID, major, minor values?

Every Estimote Beacon ships with a unique ID that you are free to modify using our SDK. It consists of three values: proximityUUID, Major, Minor. The first one is fixed, the other two are randomized.

Default proximityUUID: B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D

How to change beacon’s ID using Estimote iOS app?

To change Major and Minor values, launch the Estimote app, open the Beacons screen, select a beacon and wait for the authentication to complete (you need to be logged in and connected to the internet). Now tap on Major or Minor and input the new value.

To change UUID, tap on UUID while connected to the beacon. You can either manually input a new value or generate it through Estimote Cloud. Remember that if someone else has already claimed a specific UUID for their beacons, our collision detection system will prevent anyone else from using the same one.

All changes will be automatically saved in Estimote Cloud.

How to change beacon’s ID using Estimote SDK?

  1. Start ranging for beacons using the startRangingBeaconsInRegion: method of the ESTBeaconManager class. Don’t forget to requestWhenInUseAuthorization and add NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription to your Info.plist file. Why do you need that? Read more about changes to Location Services in iOS 8 for more details.

  2. In your didRangeBeacons delegate method, find the beacon whose settings you want to modify (e.g. iterate through the list of beacons and check if UUID, major and minor match those of the beacon you’re looking for) and connect to it.

  3. In your beaconConnectionDidSucceeded delegate (consider implementing beaconConnectionDidFailWithError as well, so that you know if something goes wrong), you can now use a variety of methods to modify the beacon’s settings, including the ID:

You’ll find more in the ESTBeaconConnection class API reference.